"At a time when the trend is becoming increasingly individualistic, where that same individuality leaves us with a huge emptiness and makes us want to go back to basics and find our own identity, I created this project and invited all Portuguese artists to share their culture, their ideas, their vision and their mission." Mara Alves The Portuguese Artist and Founder of PortugArt Mara Alves, supported by the Portuguese Embassy in London and several artistic entities in London, Portugal and Brazil, created this Project to give the opportunity to the best emergent and renowned Portuguese Artists to show what Portugal has to offer artistically. In the autumn of 2015, a panel of Judges has selected from the 100 shortlisted, the 20 Portuguese artists who will present their work in London, using the opening as a launch pad and as a circuit project that will go through several museums/galleries in Portugal and Brazil. This platform aims to attract talent and engage the Portuguese artistic community, providing a proactive tool to showcase talent, potential and ideas, that not only relate to Portugal but the current affairs all over the world. This online platform was also created where the 20 final artists, but also a chosen Group of the shortlisted will be disseminated through their artistic works. Jury members: Mara Alves, artist and Founder of PortugArt Samir Ceric, Debut Contemporary founder & CEO Cristina Troufa, artist
Franchini, curator
Marcos Rizolli, art critic. Creative partners: Borderland


Mara Alves PortugArt Founder

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Supported by The Portuguese Embassy