“Advertising, professional stigmas or romantic ideals are buzzwords that characterize contemporary society. Growth happens in the absence of a space for "personal", a refusal to silence. However this psychotic dimension is opposed by the development of leisure activities.

A vicious cycle calls for creation of a parallel world. A gradual way leads to loss of contact with reality. Here comes the shot while leisure, developed in spaces for their practice. An idealized nature is built for moments without expectation.


The relationship between shot and painting is important in that it enables a code to think the world in the loop that makes the shooter the target, and target the shooter. With this in mind, I lean over me about the value of knowledge, reality or real awareness.


Participatory observation generates the question: what do we see? or what we saw? The ontological value or the axiological of a statement, a moment or a memory is forever called into question.

 Promote a meditative phenomenon is necessary to establish "a double instance in relation to the viewer, imposing a delay between the time you see and when that include relationships, a process that implies an implicit temporality" (Marcel Maeyer, 1978) . So, promote thinking implies split the observer, makes it subject to different and present plans, enable the psychotic dimension dialogue with sensory dimension.


"As the body of a patient, who suffers, is in danger of disappearing in favor of its multiple visual representations, humanity and its future will run the risk of getting lost in their «images»?"


Martin Joly, 2008

Alexandre Coxo born in São Mamede de Infesta, 1987, master's degree in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Tras-os-Montes and Alto Douro in 2012, attending the 4th year of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Porto.

Has the Course of Creative Professionals, Workshop of Comics and workshop Introduction to Digital Illustration: Photoshop, organized by the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto.

'Comp I' 2014 oil and lacquer on canvas  60x 90cm

'Comp II' 2014 oil and lacquer on canvas 80x120 cm

'Comp III' 2014 oil and lacquer on canvas 80x120 cm

'Specigs' 2014 oil and lacquer on canvas 60x90 cm

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