Luigi Pirandello said «We are not what we think we are, but instead what we build in each single moment».

My work has been a reflection about the respect for what we are as human beings and how we are always able to, despite our ego, to play entirely different roles. That alter ego, that flows and grows in a simplistic diachronic way, although it may overthrow us, does not allow our original ego to be damaged.

The female figure shows herself to be the main subject of this work.  The Woman is an unmissable piece in the tails of History and has remained so throughout society’s evolution and development.

Showing the Woman as a sensitive and, at the same time, mysterious being, this work will open your mind to the extraordinary female natural talent to diffuse herself in a process of metamorphosis that shows all over her body and face.

Using this natural, and perhaps artful, way she can now show herself as a completely different person, never becoming possible to others to find her true and authentic self."


Ana Azevedo

Since she was a young girl Ana used to fill her time by drawing and modelling spaces. That consequently made her realise that her natural skills belonged in the artistic field.


At 16 she began a ceramic course, at Soares dos Reis Secondary School (Oporto), where she became familiar with several techniques about conception, creation and production of ceramic pieces.


Later she enrolled in an architecture’s bachelor and master degree, never forgetting that drawing and painting were what really made her feel complete.


Unhappy with the practice as an architect, she overcame her shyness and began to draw and explore Print Art. At the same time, a desire awakened in her about art markets, leading to a reflexion period about what she was doing and if that would truly made her feel complete and fulfilled as an artist. As a way of feeding this desire, and exploring her interest in plastic arts, Ana enrolled herself in a master’s degree in Art Management, at Lisbon University.


Slowly, her love for plastic arts and architecture began to rise. She began to question habits and challenging others realities and ways of expression, having as inspiration a vast aesthetic and visual patrimony assembled along her existence.


"Reflexion" 2014 . Digital Art 60×90cm . 1/5

"The festivity in Rosseau" 2014 Digital Art 21×29,7cm 1/5

"Play instinct" 2014 Digital Art 99,71x84,11cm . 1/4

"Virgin Florentina" 2014 . DigitalArt 60×90cm . 1/5

 "Sublime Beauty crime in revolt against the hypocrisy of the world" 2015 . Digital Art . 70×90cm . 1/4

 "Modern Times" 2015 . Digital Art . 90x90cm . 1/4

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