“ All my work is an attempt to look inside, in the depths of my soul. For what lurks behind it. It is an attempt to expose the viscera to the light of day, and to look at myself as if I were a stranger, and my own pains so far away from me as the pains of people I did not know that exists.

I seek only myself, in every line and every brushstroke. In every picture: of a child, an old woman, a man... I reflect nothing but me. It is my understanding of the “otherness” that I mirror. It is my constant search for what I am and still do not know. My work is not my view of the world: it is the infinite mirrors that surround me and multiply my image so far that I can not see myself anymore. My work is a muddy puddle that I bring inside my soul, in whose depths I drown and am reborn, trying to reach me."


Ana Monteiro

I paint because I need to. I paint because I need to see… because I need to walk, to breathe and to sleep.


I paint because I need to wake up, because I want to wake up and face me and know who I am.


I paint because, at the same time, I have no clue about what is hidden inside me. Because I like mirrors, those mirrors that are broken in the darkest, deepest, places of me.


I paint because I get bored, many times, and because I’m alive, always.


'Bojador' 80 x 100 cm oil on canvas 2016

'Monocle' 90x70cm oil on canvas 2015

'Rorschach Test' Graphite and Watercolour on paper 50x65cm 2015

'Sense and insensibility' 100x50cm oil on panel 2016

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