“Usually I create an image which is backed on a classical composition of commercial or fashion related photos but I give it a twist, either on the object itself, their garments or on the scenery. (...)I like the fact that it’s hard to categorize my work, I think it makes people look at it more than once. And it’s all about communicating."


António Ataíde

I have been taking pictures ever since I was a little boy, probably 9 years old. Since then I started taking my camera everywhere, taking pictures of my day with everyone to the point that everyone would have me as the designated photographer at every   event.


These everyday pictures led me to create images that would be an emotional summarization of what was happening around  me.


Photography was something that came very naturally to me, but at the same time not something I took very seriously, just as you don’t have to think to  blink.


I started to think about blinking in my bachelor’s degree in Intermedia and again photography seemed to be the most natural and also most efficient way for me to communicate my views of the world. That’s when I realized that the art market was something real, and therefore started integrating commercial imagery into my own pictures when I started questioning what was or wasn’t a “contentful”   picture.


Since then I have worked mostly at studios as an independent artist, mixing commerce, fashion and fine-art photography.


 "Hustling Rainbow II" 70x100cm digital  photography & 3D  Modelling Assemblage 2014

"Average Edge" 125x86cm digital photography 2015

"Hustling Rainbow I"100x70cm Digital  photography & 3D Modelling Assemblage 2014

"Thought You Would Notice I" 100x70cm Digital photography 2015

"João" 100x70cm Digital Photography 2014

"Lovely Days" 70x49cm digital Photography 2015

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