“A tremendous responsibility for me to have to reduce a group from 100 good artists to just 20. Completely aside my own artistry, because I must confess that it would be very difficult to exclude some colleagues, had to make worth my mission of curator and gallerist and then the task also proved in fact hard so was the value of competing artists. We must regret not having entered more than 20 because the portfolios were very good, but the message that we keep is congratulations to all of them, because the fact of being in the top 100 has been a great victory. I am pleased that as I, my colleagues were totally free, impartial and deeply engaged in this project. We have everything for make "Portugal Now" a milestone in the history of Portuguese Contemporary Art.”


Antonio Franchini, or simply Franchini, born in Porto, is a Portuguese painter, belonging to a late generation, motivated by the paternal castration and due to Estado Novo regime. Had an intense artistic and civic action in 1970, culminating with the April 25. From there begins to feel more free to express his art, having acted with some of the current masters of Portuguese painting and sculpture.


However it's definitely marked by the laying on of being a doctor or an economist. Sets course for business management and lives a depressing life that never managed to accomplish, despite having reached the Manager position of a credit institution. The untimely death of his father and a brutal car accident causes his life to take the course that should have taken over 25 years ago. Reforms from the banking and starts his artistic career. After a crash course in figurative drawing and a ceramic course, begins to exhibit collectively. Master Jaime Isidoro (One of the great painters from 20th century, Creator of the Biennial of Cerveira and one of the first Portuguese gallery owners), sees in Franchini’s first group exhibition a good future for him. Begins working closely in Porto artistic scenario. Founded his first gallery, Franchini'Gallery in Miguel Bombarda (Porto) and next with four friends founded AP'Arte Gallery on the same street. He was one of the members of the Oficina 2000&5, a space dedicated to create ceramic & sculptures artworks, and was also the Director for Portugal of UP Art-Brazil and for Portugal's APAP-SP Professional Association of Visual Artists of São Paulo.


Franchini’s a member of the ANAP-National Association of visual Artists from Portugal and Ambassador of NONViolence, project created by Yoko Ono, widow of John Lennon.

At the moment divided between Porto and São Paulo where he has his art studios, and in addition to his artistic career, Franchini also performs curatorships. Has been invited as an artist in to exhibit in some biennials and exhibits regularly in Portugal and abroad, at galleries, Cultural Centers and Museums.

Franchini was considered the international artist of the year 2012 by PubliTime Publisher-Sao Paulo-Brazil.



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