Embroidery in the sky or in the deepest blue sea the drawings are networks of selective yet collective memories. They are symbols of being Portuguese.

Using the technique of the black outline, illuminates the reading of myriad figures that coexist in the canvas space like message maps to decode.

The cyanotype, better known as "Blueprint", works like a tear to another reality. It can be seen as the seabed or the endless of the universe."


Carla Pinheiro

Carla Pinheiro -. I was born in Lisbon in 1976. I have always been in love with the art world, with its simplicity of expression and creativity.


I began my artistic path in ETIC with the course of Cameraman and reporter ENG, I spent three years painting at the National Society of Fine Arts, where I was exposed to other formations in Clown area, theater, in which I developed the sensitivity to be attentive to life in and outside of me. I participated in a few pieces of amateur and professional theatre, in particular, the Independent theatre Oeiras and Teatro Maria Matos, realising works of installation, performance and visual arts in projects curated by Hugo Israel, at the PopUp 2009 and Vogue Fashion's Night Out. Between 2014 and 2016 I had the opportunity to expose some of my works made with the cyanotype technique at the Emerging gallery (the Shair Project) in Braga, and Fábrica Braço Prata, Giv Lowe Gallery, both in Lisbon and in the Drassanes Civic Centre in Barcelona.



 "Memórias" 2015 Cianotipia, Watercolor and pen on paper 37x52cm

"Guitarra Portuguesa" 2015 Cianotipia, Watercolor and pen on paper 70x50cm

"Azulejando" 2015 Cianotipia, Watercolor and pen on paper 100x70cm

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