"We start from the following premise: the images have the value that we assign them.


The criticism of religion as a theme for a critical looks at today's society, its blemished values and filled with junk and trifles. A collection of "trivialities", scattered across the canvas.

All this under the (not always aware) eye of timeless icons"


Cláudia Costa

Born in 1966, in Coimbra.


I am an arts teacher with a degree in Fine Arts (painting) by the Art University of Coimbra (ARCA/EUAC). I’ve been showing my work in many exhibitions in museums, art galleries and cultural venues, since 1986.


My work consists of Iconoclast figurative paintings, where I play with classic art icons by inserting them into new contexts. In so doing, I change the meaning and symbolism of the resulting images. An aesthetic language with a code of its own, playing with figurative elements with an ever changing “leading role” that changes with the underlying message.


Conventional composition rules are often broken by the use of a combination of figurative and abstracting elements. There’s a strong contrast in the textures used, as well as the contrast in colours – using neutral colours in a deliberate opposition with highly saturated ones, all in the same palette.


'A Lusitana',  acrílico e óleo sobre tela (acrylic and oil on canvas), 2015, 102x40cm

'Hijab', acrílico sobre tela (acrylic on canvas), 2016, 80x60cm

'Naftalina' , acrílico sobre tela (acrylic on canvas),2016, 150x60cm

'Vista quase alegre', acrílico sobre tela (acrylic on canvas), 2016, 150x60cm

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