“I imagine myself always creating stories for my tiles, because my soul is like that: it lives."


Clara de Sousa Vicente

I’m Clara de Sousa Vicente, I was born on the 23rd April 1962 on World Book Day and, maybe it is for that reason that I love to write poetry. And, maybe, due to my father’s influence, who worked in a ceramic building brick factory, I have been modelling clay since I was little. In other words, I invent stories with clay or I use stories which already exist (most of them were kept since my grandmother told them) adding more dream and magic to my abstraction of the real world.


I put my characters on the tiles and merge them between 1080º to 1100º from where the colours emerge which are caused by the fire’s alchemy. This way the solitude inside me becomes characters who play and mix with the emotions.

I attended the Decorative Arts’ School António Arroio in Lisbon and studied Art and Fabrics Techniques and also Fire Arts. I took some courses around the world, such as Oil Painting in Liberia and Acrylic Painting in Guinea-Bissau. This also gave life to another passion which is the international volunteerism. I conceived a project called Little Star Ó-Ó, in which a tissues’ little star created and designed by me and executed by local weavers, gave light to 500 babies born to HIV-positive mothers in the Maternity of the Comura Hospital, in Guinea-Bissau.


Contact with other populations and civilizations has always fascinated me.


My life is my work. I have been with it working long hours for 30 years now.


As I had my studio/gallery open to the public in Caldas de Monchique, Algarve, Portugal, my pieces of art can be found in the four corners of the world. I have also had exhibitions in countries outside of Portugal.


In Portugal, and for two years in a row, I exhibited my work in collective exhibitions at the Oporto’s Contemporary Art Gallery – A’Aparte and my art pieces were side by side with those of the masters such as: Cutileiro, Armanda Passos, Franchini, and Emília Viana.


Recently, I was lucky enough to exhibit in the Municipal Art Gallery of Barcelos, bringing to the light the emotions of one of my favourite heroes, The Little Prince. This exhibition will be itinerant in Portugal and all over the world.


Oh... I almost forgot that some entities and people shared with me my passion and taste, so they decided to award me with: 1st Prize of Creativity in FIL – Lisbon in 1991, Honourable Mention in the Creativity Contest of the Foz do Douro’s Parish Council – Oporto, 1st Prize in the Fashion Prototypes and Accessories by Tavira’s City Hall, and 3rd Prize – Hug to the Master Fernando Rodrigues given by the school with the same name in Lagoa, Algarve, Portugal, in 2015, as well as the clearing to integrate the 20 finalists of the exhibition PortugArt in London.


For the past 18 years I have lived and worked in my studio in Monchique.


“Fado Kiss” 2016 Tiles 3D Dimensions 12 Tiles 120/60cm Cooking 1100º

“There are leaves that the wind does not blow” 2015 Sculpture inspired by the Algarve mountains 36x34x22cm Grés 1180º Faiança 1060º

 “Dark Fado at the Moonlight” 2015 stoneware ceramic, 1200º degrees and ceramic colours Tiles painted traditionally – 1080º degrees 80x50cm

“Heritage from the Earth – Self-portrait” 2015 Three-dimensional tilling, stoneware and porcelain from 1280º degrees to 1300º degrees 14x38cm

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