"Be part of the jury for the selection of this fantastic group of Portuguese artists, was an experience that truly honored me. Not only by the amazing environment as for the exchange of knowledge with the remaining elements of the jury, but also for sure for these artists who will be offered a fantastic opportunity not only to show their works but to disseminate them, in a market of art so appealing as the London one and with the precious help of Debut Contemporary Gallery.

The goal of PortugArt has been widely fulfilled because the selected artists will be an excellent example of the Portuguese Art and that makes us very proud, leaving no doubt that there are many other artists with great quality in Portugal, also waiting to see his talent recognized across borders. "

Cristina Troufa

Cristina Troufa is a Portuguese artist born and based in Porto, Portugal.


Cristina holds a Licentiate Degree in Painting since 1998 and a Masters Degree in Painting since 2012, both in FBAUP (University of Fine Arts of Porto). She has exhibited throughout Portugal, in solo and group shows since 1995 and international exhibitions in Italy, Spain, Australia, France, Canada, and Denmark.


Cristina Troufa want to consolidate the idea of a self-portrait and/or self-representation but for other hand wants to reflect on a spiritual, emotional, and psychological inner self-portrait, that may be done conceptually. In her recent works, she uses her own image in autobiographical paintings that explore her life and spiritual beliefs. As a form of self-knowledge and self-questioning, her work explores an inner world in a symbolic way, which remains inaccessible to the voyeur that can only guess what each painting represents.


The artist describe her work as: “…something spiritual, a route between several lives and several times in the same life, coexisting side by side from strategies of self-representation that ultimately, question the meaning of life”…"The theme of my work is about my life, about myself and my beliefs. I explore in my work the self-representation in the looking for my inner self, my self-portrait."



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