"Currently, one of the most prominent global trends is the awareness that the whole world is

one living organism, within which it is both necessary and desirable to (re)establish a

harmonious interaction between people and the spaces they live in, whether they be natural or

human-built. The existing initiatives for environmental protection and preservation,

energy conversion or the recycling of used materials, help us understand the idea of

Man’s synchronised coexistence with his Habitat, in terms of attitudes and goals, which has

become a culturally and spiritually given fact."


Guido Drummond

Guido Drummond is a self-taught artist who used to run an event management family company in Lisbon. For 17 years his art poured out into settings, props, costumes, scripts, face and body painting, event decoration, wall-painting, photography, silkscreens, etc. Then in 2010 he started to «recycle».


But more often than not he felt off-balance with the concept. So, searching for some theoretical grounds for his work, he came across the concept of upcycling (Reine Pilz, 1994; Michael Braungart, William McDonough, 2002), which he identified immediately with. At the vanguard of the movement, he (re)defined his work as upcycling art, and founded one of the first upcycling art studios in Lisbon, Portugal, and in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.


Having found his essence, he first named himself Lord Trash, and later, Lord Drummond, a polyvalent artist and designer able to work in carpentry, woodwork, metalwork, soldering, electrical equipment, upholstery, sewing, painting, sculpture, drawing, design, etc. This work has lead him to meet out-of-use objects, forgotten in the attic, deposited in the basement, stored in the garage or meant to be thrown away. He treats them with affection and listens to what they have to say; he discovers the beauty and value that lie underneath their immediate destiny. And he engages in their makeover, giving them a fresh new life. This creative flow developed between the artist and the artwork translates into a complementary art form, a poem or a prose text, words inspired by the artwork, words inspiring the artwork, a constant exchange in which Word and Art permeate each other.


"A Very Dificult Situation" 2010 sculpture/installation  60x50x95cm

"La passion" 2010 sculpture/installation 60x90x45cm

"Hot Blowing Horn" 2010 sculpture/installation 100x35x30cm

"Brazilian Cerrado Pearls" 2010 sculpture/installation  60x60x115cm

"Cabbage Color" 2010 sculpture/installation 45x50x86cm

"Half bath" 2010 sculpture/installation 60x150x45cm

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