"When I start a painting, I live for it and I only rest when I reach perfection. In this process I attempt to create as much realism as possible. Therefore, I like to create paintings that involve people’s lives, their routine. (...) I have been connected with art since my childhood because I’ve been painting and drawing since I can remember.

I attended several art schools in Portugal and Canada. I always feel pleasure in representing nature and people, especially women and I like to do it through realism. I like to register moments and create beyond them, giving life to these moments and letting my imagination create…Before I even execute the art work. Talking about my work is like making an introspection. There is a huge exposure in my work…an aesthetic in which I expose myself. But there is a spiritual, emotional and introspective component as well.

The accurate technique, the theme, the detail… There’s a constant desire and search. In other words, I do a lot of research in order to develop the concepts and ideas I express throughout technique I’ve been acquiring over the years. I think my work leads to contemplation. I try to encourage the observer and I like him to have an opinion or a feeling about my paintings. This is my way of communicating. The realism is in every brushstroke ... In the colour ... in the trace ... There's always a lot of me in every work of art. Even the most classic works and apparently more obvious. My creation is strongly influenced by my emotions and moods. The brushstroke, the stroke stiffness, the work which can be agitated or peaceful. This emotion reaches to the observer. This is the great magic..."



Gustavo Fernandes

Gustavo Fernandes is self-taught, creative and bold. In his work stand out objects, landscapes, people and details give to his work a real hyper realistic touch. Gustavo Fernandes is constantly seeking the freedom that the artist craves and does it consistently. To aid this process, he works with paint, brushes and bronzes, moving with great dexterity in painting and drawing as in sculpture and photography. His colour palette is varied and ranges with rigorous technicality and the traces are strong and steady.


Morning trip 2014 Oil on lilen 80x200cm

The First Dive 2014 oil on canvas, 100x150cm

Woman in a boat 2014 oil on canvas, 75x100cm

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