João Monteiro, is a portuguese plastic artist, who studied painting at the Fine Arts University of Porto. He is a professor of art, works in his studio and has developed the concept of art therapy with people.


João Monteiro will invite us to enter into a world of shadows and silhouettes.


The artist visualises in his paintings a universal energy which provides equilibrium for the inner existence of human beings. Consequently, his work consists of a texture of overlapping, pointillist dots dappled in acrylic and these appear to stream spherically into the inner lives of human beings.


An intense, light stream penetrates into the central area of the human figure and appears to end up encompassing it. In doing so, it creates new superimpositions, new shades, along with new energy, always merging these with previous layers.


The anonymity of the figure implies a universal validity, a law, something that persists through the ages and keeps returning to its point of origin. The texture in the innermost part exhibits significant components of the substance that was there to begin with, the essence or heart of the matter.





'Untitled8' 2013.acryliconcanvas.130x130cm

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