"The installation entitled «The Fifth Empire» combines sculpture with musical composition and a video projection. The sculptural piece is shaped by five Perspex sheets ranging in colour, each laser cut in the shape of a human silhouette. The sound track results from an ambient rhythm and spoken word. The video is a combination of various landscapes representative of Portuguese nature and it will be projected onto the sculptural piece.(...) «God wills, the intuition dreams, but from you the piece has birth», which can be heard at the end, it is a personal interpretation of Pessoa’s words «Deus quer, o Homem sonha, a obra nasce»".


Joana Palma

My work is a game! I construct, deconstruct, project and reflect. I play with visual perception. I like ambiguity.


I am interested in art that doesn’t simply offer a singular or pre-conceived idea of reality. Unlike a representational painting my work normally offers an indeterminate space, absent of familiar landmarks, where I invite the viewer to engage, explore and define in their own time and pace.


 I see myself as an artist in search of undiscovered languages to communicate outer landscapes and redefine life as it is perceived. Not only I am interested in communicating a message but I am also interested to listen to my surroundings and allow space and materials to communicate along the process.


 Through various experimental studio processes, the work undergoes multiple transformations, reconfiguring space, scale, and matter. Such concepts take on greater or lesser significance with the metamorphosis from the physical to the light form.


My work can also be seen as a personal journey and maybe as a metaphorical representation of the contradictory nature of the fragmented and unified self.


Fascinated by its fragility and unpredictable self-existent characteristics, I combine high and low-tech processes to allow the magic to happen at its creation.


I often like to add interactive elements to my work to create a more involving quality of experience, often inviting people to touch or move in order to co-create the piece.


In search of a very particular moment of wonder, I am interested in that fraction of time where human and machine connect to communicate something new. I am an artist who likes to create immersive works where people can extract themselves from everyday reality.

"O Quinto Império" - Video-instalation

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