"The works I have decided to assemble for this proposal reveal specific elements of what is most relevant for me to show at the moment considering the general scope of the work I do. These are based on the particular techniques of drawing and painting, which in turn, reveal a particular aesthetic intent and sensitive contexts in specific domains of communication.

This work continues to explore the semantic potential of image and its relation with the title in the broader context of Western culture. In this case, however, I have abandoned the explicit reference to the World of Art. Multiplicity as part of unity takes on relevance as also the demystification of common values in the image of the body in the context of painting."


José Soares

José Soares was born in Porto, where he still currently lives. Since he was very young he was devoted to drawing and painting, but for over 30 years he has been rumbling around experiencing many different professions and activities. However, he has recently graduated in Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto University and hence deciding to devote his live to art.


The work results from a simultaneous operation within multiple modes of living Culture. These modes are individual, familial, social, regional, national, global or simply human, and like any place that everyone truly inhabits, they are always configured as confrontational modes between the self and the other by the impossibility of experiencing the later as the first.


In Art, as a system that is produced as a wrap of expectations, notoriously systemic and yet coated with value in its relationship with common sense, this confrontation does not show clearly, hence contributing to the construction of Culture in heterogeneous dimensions. The intention that supports the elaboration of images expressed by matter on canvas explores the diversity of these dimensions from the assumption that multiple levels of meaning communicate messages that are solely realized in the particular cultural context of each viewer and not through the explicit intention of the author. The later is only part of the system as an element that embodies the proposal, expressed in subtle narratives, only implied by the iconic power of visual references and their relationship with the words in the title.


The clear awareness of the perspetivism of experience, of the senses and the consequent construction of individuality and how these become elements of the characterization of culture are the basic theme that contribute to the development of ideas that then revert to become artwork.



"Composition with model and circle pantomine" 2015 charcoal and oil on canvas 150x188cm

"Objects for an ideal home #1" 2015 charcoal and oil on canvas 150x120cm

"Objects for an ideal home #2" 2015 charcoal and oil on canvas 150x120cm

 "2516, Composition with model, black and object" 2014 charcoal and oil on canvas 150x188cm

 "Nude Descending" 2013 charcoal and oil on canvas 150x120cm

 "On perspective and innocence" 2016 charcoal oil and gold leaf on canvas 150x150cm

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