"At a time when the trend is becoming increasingly individualistic, where that same individuality leaves us with a huge emptiness and makes us want to go back to basics and find our own identity, I created this project and invited all Portuguese artists to share their culture, their ideas, their vision and their mission." (+)

Mara Alves

“A tremendous responsibility for me to have to reduce a group from 100 good artists to just 20. Completely aside my own artistry, because I must confess that it would be very difficult to exclude some colleagues, had to make worth my mission of curator and gallerist and then the task also proved in fact hard so was the value of competing artists." (+) Franchini

"A session of intense, yet harmonious selection. (...) The works of selection were guided by the emerging values of the contemporary visual expression: between the image and the concept; among the material elements characteristic and the signs; between creativity and innovation – in the language." (+)

Marcos Rizolli

"The goal of PortugArt has been widely fulfilled because the selected artists will be an excellent example of the Portuguese Art and that makes us very proud, leaving no doubt that there are many other artists with great quality in Portugal, also waiting to see his talent recognized across borders. " (+)

Cristina Troufa


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