"In my Works, The observer is always part of the narrative. Sometimes it is just a voyeur. Other times enters in my paintings, by exchanging eyes with the character. When these women look to us, they do it directly, seductively, penetrating and arousing emotions, of empathy, discomfort ... These narratives that are created by the observers enrich my works. The more stories are made, more my works lives, earns and make sense.

The hair of my characters always have a big role in my paintings, they suggest action, movement, and also they symbolise sex, or what is feminine and sexual attractive. It is known that in some cultures the hair is a tabo. The hair  has to be covered, because it can lead to the "temptation" of man. In other culters the hair can not be cuted, in  others is donated to the Gods in ritualistic offerings. The hair is also associated with power, as in the story of Samson and Delilah, or characters such as Medusa with her enchantent snakes hairs.

During the history of Art, the Woman has always been seen as an object  to be represented, especially by male artists. The woman has always been represented to be close to Nature, and her role in society is trapded to be a mother, a wife, a housewife."


Mariana de Castro

I was born in 1980 in Porto, Portugal and since I can remember myself I was interested in Art. I just loved to draw, paint and to do any kind of art crafts. One of my oldest memories is when I was around 7 years old, at school my class mates were always asking me to do draw. Other of my oldest passions is photography. I remember my parents asking me to take the photograph camera to make the family pictures. They thought the pictures were great. And then, in my 10th birthday I got my fist photography camera, a Polaroid. I toke the camera everywhere, even to school. Since then I couldn´t stop take pictures. When I was twelve years old, I joined the Art Studio of Macedónia Freitas Pereira, a Portuguese artist graduated in the Royal College of Art (London), leaving it in 2005. She was my Master, she taught me how to draw, paint, and she opened my eyes to the art world. I did a BA (Painting) course at Faculdade de Belas Artes Universidade do Porto (www.fba.up.pt), and during this period I had an Erasmus scholarship, for one year, to attend the Athens School of Fine Arts (http://www.asfa.gr/). There I graduated, with A level at painting, in 2006. This was my first aboard experience and I learned so much about myself, I grew as a person and as an artist. After graduation, I started working as a curator in Hecodecor Gallery in Esposende, Portugal, from 2007 until 2009. Meanwhile I was teaching art to the young generation in my studio, and showing my art work in some galleries. In 2009, I decided to go to London to do my Master in Painting and I choose Wimbledon College of Art (London)(www.wimbledon.arts.ac.uk). It was a dream come true. This time was the greatest, but also the hardest. London was everything I was waiting for and more. I felt like every single day I was doing and learning more, than a whole year in Porto. I did life time friendships with some of my pears and tutors. When I returned to Portugal, I felt the urge to do something new. So I decided to start an art school and an art gallery for the young generation. In 2010, I founded “Metamorfose”, an Art Gallery and Studio (http://galeria-metamorfose.blogspot.pt/). Metamorfose is a space where the young artists can start their careers. There are also workshops, performances, seminars, events, street art and much more going on, and this is something new. No other gallery had that concept before in Porto. I am the curator, the art director, I teach art to all the generations, and I have my studio in Metamorfose Gallery. Meanwhile, I had been showing my work in Portugal, Greece, UK, France, Spain and Argentine.


About my work I think of it as a new approach of pop culture. Thought the globalization process I explore a return to the origens, my origins… the world origins. The initial process of my work emerged in a trip to the past. Looking for forms of objects, bodies, faces, expressions, spaces… in this way I intend to show that the use of recycled objects is not only a formal, or decorative expedient, but more than that, they have physical and cognitive potential. These materials had been chosen by some sort of connection that I created with them, making an energetic bridge between me and them, between past and present. I add symbology and mysticism, through a search of ancient knowledge, like alchemy. I embrace my experiences in a unique language, by the contact with nature through art, contrasting with sexuality of fashion and media as the new Adam & Eve. I work a subtle and serene publicity satire, a sweet irony to spice people´s mind and make them search for many realities that are subconsciously inside them without their knowledge. The images I create are autobiography, charged with symbolism and feelings, showing cinematic movements as a paused movie screen. The works are made mainly in acrylic canvas, but also in photography, engraving, installations, watercolors and drawings in a precise, detailed and very feminine way to approach things.

'Cosmos' acrylic on wood o30cm

'I had a dream' 2015 acrylic on canvas 80x120cm

'Misplaced I' 2015 mixed media 30x30cm

'White Snow' 2014 acrylic on canvas  80x120cm

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