"Nowadays, the quotidian is an ode to despair.

B is crudely manipulated, she feels going back and forward. She doesn't

understand the pain yet she accepts it. A is an interruption of B. B accepts

him, she lets herself be interrupted. Corrupted.


They seem integrated to one and another but they're not. They seem

attentive but they're not. It seems sexual but it is not. Both learn a game with

each other, transforming themselfs. Saturated with the quotidian, with the

repetition. A and B are defense mechanisms of themselfs and of the

surroundings. A and B are games of power. They colide, they rummage. And

the power falls. There's no more power, only revolt. B always manipulated A

to manipulate her. A and B's relationship is superficialy warm and deeply cold.


The piece emerges from the need to talk about the lack of communication

or the lack of understanding it, the rules of society, the routine actions

and everything we add to our individual after birth. This piece appears

after many conversations about the various views of each one of these



In the contemporary society a breakneck speed blossoms, which we often

can't keep up, mostly, we don't get to understand the transmition of

information in its exact moment; usually, only after a few time it is



Assuming that we are beings full of information and that it overflows us

everywhere, this information does not invade us as something

spontaneous. It is a cumulative process that increases everyday. This

growing process sometimes breaks us, corrupts us, corroded us...

Into what A and B's weaknesses are, they play with each other within the

natural installed dynamics based on the Cosmopolis' own dynamics.

What's our way of communicating with the other? They want to

communicate in a visceral way.


The creation of the piece began in the moment I wrote the word “add” in my

notebook. From that words started to unfold like: addiction, addicted, wastage.

The idea was to question what it exactly is indispensable to the human needs;

from what we add to our daily life is or not really necessary – is or not basic



The first question would be: “As a human being what have you acquired that

wasn't part of your basic principles or essence?”

I knew that in this work I wanted to use unisons and have a very specific quality,

I wanted to bring something “fresh”.


The dramaturgy was exactly about it: opposite wills, supression of needs,

search for insertion, suport, exposition of the intime, the visceral, to spit each

others intimacy becoming into their own – spit information, bombarding

information, overflow it; dialogue attempt, trying to reach, the saturation, the

extreme, the humanity, the technology, unplug, the resilience, to transcend,

the human being's dedication, the full, the gush.


Those two bodies in space that in the begginning didn't had habits, or rotines,

didn't had addictions. It was just bodies. They were zero. The first concept to

approach deeply is: ADD.


A and B are a representation of a micro format, as a comunity in a medium

format, and as society a representation of a macro format."


Maurícia Neves

Portimão, 1989


Aspiring choreographer and performer, She has produced its own creations, and she is also responsible for costumes and light design. She moves to Lisbon in 2007, where she starts her training both in theater and circus Arts.


Later on, she enters Escola Superior de Dança where Maurícia dedicates to her biggest issue: the body. Maurícia develops her first works as a maker in Chapitô, (Des)encaixada and KITSCHCAMP – JUÍZO FINAL, and later in ESD builds up a piece trilogy: an installation – This is not entertainment; a musical track –This is not for sale e é um manifesto; and a dance piece – This is not a love story. This is A and B.


She had training with Jonathan Burrows, Tânia Carvalho, Géraldine Chollet, Sofia Dias, Amélia Bentes, Nuno Lucas, Victor Hugo Pontes, Margarida Mestre, Cristina Planas Leitão, Margarida Bettencourt, Gustavo Ciríaco, Alexandre Lyra Leite, Jácome Filipe, Silke Z. (Germany), Su Wen-Chi (Taiwan), John Mowat, Tiago Rodrigues, Miguel Moreira, Raquel Freire, Claudia Nóvoa and Bernardo Gama.


As a performer she worked with João Sousa Cardoso, Joris Lacoste, Margarida Mestre, Martim Pedroso, Alexandre Lyra Leite, RADAR 360, Miguel Moreira, Yvon Bayer, Bernardo Gama and La Fura Dels Baus Company. She has presented her creations in Lisbon, Torres Vedras and Germany.


See her videowork here:

This is not a love story. This is A and B.


Credits: Duck Production

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