"«Behind time, time comes» (...) In my work there is a process in which I repeat ancient knowledge, drawing thoughts, stories and memories."


Patrícia Geraldes

Patricia Geraldes – 1980, lives and works in Porto.


She has a degree in painting from the Fine Arts School, University of Porto.  Since finishing her degree in 2005 she has developed a body of work that part of the drawing language and unfolds in sculpture and installation pieces. Her work has been shown in individual and collective exhibitions in Portugal, India, Tunisia, England, Spain and France.  She is represented in the collections: CAC Málaga - Centre for Contemporary Art, Sunaparanta Art Center and Benetton Foundation.


In 2011 she presented the solo exhibition 'One Foreign Love' in Sunaparanta Goa Centre for the Arts in India in 2012 'Pensamento desenhado' in Metamorphosis Gallery in Porto, in 2014 'Paisagem intuida ' in Kubikulo of Kubik Project Gallery in Porto.


Among other exhibitions in 2014 she participated in the collective exhibition 'OBSESSION: Love, Ritual Collection' at Tea Gallery Embassy in London. In 2015 took part in the XVIII International Biennial of Cerveira Art 'Look past to build the future', the 10th prize Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso in Amarante and the 4th edition of 'Full' Rocha Peixoto Municipal Library in Povoa de Varzim.


In 2016 she is going to have a solo exhibition ‘A palavra fala uma lingua que não é sua’  in the Maia Forum.


‘Encobre e descobre idade’ (série) 2015/16 acrylic on olive wood 15x120cm

"Desenhos de chuva" 2015 Digital photography 60cmX41cm

"Desenhos de chuva" 2015 Digital photography 60X41cm

"Intimacy openness"  45x15cm acrylic on laurel trunks  2014

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