A deep intensity at work, with strong influences of graffiti, urban and street art, the work of Paulo Moreira shows a tension between a structured poetic drawing infused with raw "aesthetic" and a social message that is mostly ironic, taken directly from popular and social reality, sometimes loaded with strong political thoughts.”

In the work of Paulo Moreira (1968), the words and images intersect as formal manifestos, a universe that invokes the territories of noise, and the accumulation of excess in contemporary today.


BORN IN ANGOLA BEFORE 1974 - The Terrible Absence of Homeland -  Acrylic and spray on canvas - 150 X 200 cm

IMMACULATE, 2015 - Drawing on canvas - 150 X 200 cm

KING FOR A DAY, 2015 - Acryllic on canvas - 150 X 100 cm

MATER # 2, 2014 - Acrylic on Canvas - 147 X 156 cm

MONEY SAVE YOUR MONEY - Acrylic and Spray on Canvas - 155 X185 cm

SUGAR CUBES, 2014 - Acrylic and spray on canvas - 150 x 140 cm

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