"The presented works address issues around a perspective on the current human society and its global position. Briefly, the works reflect an awareness and social semiconscious associated with certain events that we have witnessed and intrigue over the last few years.

This series of works related to parallel the previous one, held between 2009 and 2011, evidenced not only by the evidence of a new theme addressed, but also the expressiveness of new characters. These were replaced by human figures with the intention to represent them in a state of alert / tragedy. Simultaneously were articulated with natural landscapes awaken to a provocative intelligence on the need of an emerging observation; metaphorically criticized the formed inertia, as the resolution of disability and quantity of understanding of the human condition in the world and in society.

The painterly expressiveness is born in a symbiosis with the iconic rigor of the stereotypical image that communicates our place in the present. The complex influence of life in the human being is given to us through the symbolic interpretation of the represented images that awaken to a new look towards life, which surrounds the human being.

References represented are a small selection of "intermittent" panoply of information that life and society has been cohabiting, questioning what is really natural and real, capable and «implausible»."


Rita Melo

Rita Melo was born on May 29, 1982.


It is graduated in Fine Arts - Painting, Coimbra Faculty of Fine Arts, Graduate Studies, Fine Arts - Painting, Lisbon Fine Arts College and a Master's degree in Visual Arts at the University of Évora.


It is represented in public and private collections, such as: City Hall of Penafiel; Garbagnate Milanese, Milan City Hall; Bairrada Wine Museum; Jornal do Porto; Space T, Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. private collection of Vladimir Putin. Deutch Bank.


It has national and international exhibitions in Museums and Contemporary Art Galleries. Projects, highlight Artist that represents the brand "From Portugal TO YOU." Project "the Image of Russia", by artist invited the Ministry of the Russian Federation. Artist representing Portugal in the project Sentieri dell'arte in Milan. Exchange project Coimbra and Aix-Provence.


His painting, it is assumed by the irony evident in the pictorial and conceptual design. Mostly in large proportions, its creative process is born from the photo. Its figures, opposing, where chance is invited to participate, support humor and irony.


'I need a life' 2010 mixed media on canvas 200x160cm

'Open your mind' 2014 mixed media on canvas 200x160cm

'Make the transition' 2014 oil on canvas 160x100cm

'No comments I' 2014 mixed media on canvas 80x120cm

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