"... In terms of painting, what most people see as chaos I see it as order, once that in the middle of the mess I frequently find out compositions. Sometimes, without wiggling them; others I confine myself to one or another little touch. In this case, all elements were at its place. Only the persimmons, brought by a friend, and the background tissue were added..."


Rodrigo Costa

Rodrigo Vieira da Costa | 1952 | has the General Course of Visual Arts of the School of Decorative Arts Soares dos Reis: 1990 - Teatro Rivoli, Porto | 1991 - Casa Tait, Porto | 1992 - TLP, Porto | 1993 - SNBA, Lisboa | 1994 - Galeria Escada 4, Cascais | 1995 - Galeria DaVinci, Porto | 1997- Espaço de Arte Eugénio Torres, Porto | 1998 - SNBA, Lisboa; Casa-Museu Teixeira Lopes, V N de Gaia | 2000 - Galeria ART K, Paris | 2001 - Galeria da Casa do Pessoal da RTP, Lisboa | 2004 - Euroarte, Lisboa | 2005 - Galeria DITEC, Lisboa | 2007 - Irish Art Fair, Dublin | Art London Fair, Londres | AVIZ, galeria de arte, Porto | 2008 - Mauger Modern Art, Bath UK | 2009 - Clube Literário do Porto | 2010 - Paula Cabral art gallery | 2012 – Galeria Artes, Solar de Santo António, Porto.


Among a large amount of group exhibitions, the most relevant are of the Royal Academy of Art, Summer  Exhibition, 2012, and of the ROI, The Royal Institute of Oil Painters, 2013, both of them in London.


As published books Rodrigo Costa has: Apontamentos sobre o Porto | drawing; Rodrigo Costa, por opção | painting; Trinta Poemas | poetry; sem título| painting; Arte: que investimento?... | essay; Amor: tragédia e redenção | poetic satire;The Landscape as the Place of Everything | painting and poetry, in co-authorship with the Essex poet Eileen Mayer | edição bilingue; Eu o Woody e o Piano, Entre Coincidências | satire.


As contributor, writes on the Design Magazine |


There is an Order - 2014 - oil on canvas, 93x100 cm

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