"Animals consists in two connected series, which has been developed since 2011.

The first series of six images depicts a human body dressed in girly dresses with an animal

head living everyday situations. In the second series, the same 6 animal heads appear but

this time worn by a male body who, without the girly outfit, perform a more grotesque

imagery (the ones presented). The colors, combined with the most quotidian spaces, create

a distinctive atmosphere in which these hybrid characters dwell. In here, something is

always about to happen, so the photography cut constitutes the instant in which

something is meant to be expressed by each mask."


Rossana Mendes Fonseca

I'm a photographer whose research is intersected by philosophy. I seek to think photography as a political and creative gesture, which has been influencing and changing since its beginning the way people look at the world.


Since I finished my Master of Photography in Paris Photographic Institute Spéos in 2010, I've been a research member of the Aesthetics, Politics and Art research group in the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Porto. Throughout my research I've been trying to combine photography and writing in a way that they inform one another. It has been my main concern to explore the concept of photography as a political and social apparatus, and its image as an object in the world that is an instrument of power and of knowledge, as well as the way the medium of photography works with its mechanics and terms and what they intrinsically inscribe in the world.


I’ve been working as a freelance photographer and essayist since 2010. I covered the Venice Film Festival in that year, moved back to Porto to finish my Master’s thesis, traveling in the meanwhile, and settled in a small studio.


Being offered a partnership in 2013, I moved my studio to CRU-cowork where I could work with many creative people, among them graphic, product and fashion designers, architects, videographers and other photographers. I have been working there since.


Light, time and memory in photography are fundamental concepts that have been present since my Master in Art Studies (in the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto) until this very moment; being, thus, around them that my Doctorate in Contemporary Art revolves. In terms of my written production, I base my research on authors such as Gilles Deleuze, Henry Bergson, Michel Foucault and Paul Virilio.


While in practice, I work mainly in a studio set where I visually compose the objects and subjects of my photography; and recently, I’ve been trying news ways of printing my photography, like the silkscreen printing process.


The exhibitions in which I participated were mostly of my recent photographic series, however I keep a tight connection with CRU’s gallery, where I have the chance to participate in the their curatorial process.


'ANIMALS' photography_2015_40x30cm (1)

'ANIMALS' photography_2015_40x30cm (2)

'ANIMALS' photography_2015_40x30cm (4)

'ANIMALS' photography_2015_40x30cm (5)

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