"With my painting I try to capture and crystallize a specific moment, the emotional expression of a transcendent human experience; I use  the realistic representation of the human body and then I introduce it in an ethereal backdrop ...

This human is devoid of props, no matter the gender or age, it is timeless."


Sílvia Marieta

I was born in Lisbon in 1982.


Since early age, painting has played an important role in my life, always present, so that way I followed my academic studies in that direction, I graduated in Fine Arts, course of Painting at the University of Lisbon in 2006. After I acquire some more knowledge in short courses like scientific illustration, archaeological drawing, engraving, among others. Only in 2010, when I became a member of several Portuguese Associations of Artists, was when I started to be more present with my work at exhibitions, mostly collective, national and international ones.


'In the Fall' 2014  oil on canvas 90x150cm

'Into the essence' 2013 acrylic and oil on canvas 50x120cm

'Looking for balance' 2012 oil on canvas 180x130cm

'Run away' 2013 acrylic and oil on canvas 100x90cm

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