"This phase of the work of Teresa Gil deals with "the moment" in that it provides the latest processing from death to life. If in us, human, is a natural process but with terrible significance, in other beings is perhaps a transformation with tenuous beauty. This border can be more a transformation, continuity of matter, a part of the cosmos. The approach to this world organic, enters naturally in collision with our world abstract.

The apparent arbitrariness in which nature if balances, creates conflict with the analytical logic that sustains our intellectual structure. Is this pairing between "abstraction and empathy" that sustains this analysis of a metamorphosis, not the limit of life, but that attempts to establish a note of these values morfogénica apparently conflicting. The series (A)Symmetries explores the geometric capacity organicity.

In the end, the concepts are blended in a result in which the job exceeds the artist while be rational or sentimental."


Zulmiro Pereira

Was born in 1967 in Porto, city where he lives and works.


He attended the Artistic School Soares dos Reis and the Faculty of fine arts of the University of Porto, where he completed the course of fine arts – Painting.


Exposes collectively since 1993 and individually since 1995, in Portugal

and abroad.


Is represented in public and private collections.


'(A)Simetrias #19' 2014 - mixed media on canvas - 30x30cm

'Corte de direcção' - 2013 - 190x140cm - Acrylic on canvas

'Dialogante' 2014 - Acrylic on canvas - 30x30cm

'Sem partir'   2011 - 116x89 cm - Acrylic on canvas

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