Vasco Torres studied aesthetics and contemporary arts at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Cultural Center of Belém and National Society of Fine Arts in Lisbon, Portugal.


He undertook several theorical and intensive courses with respected teachers such as Margarida Calado and Cristina Azevedo Tavares of the Fine Arts University in Lisbon. In 1999 he had the opportunity of participating in several painting sessions with the remarkable master and painter António Inverno.


Vasco Torres was graduated from the advanced course of Contemporary Art History at the Catholic University of Oporto where he was a finalist of the master course in the same area.


At the Fine Arts University of Lisbon, he attended a course of water markings and water ink, tutored by the teacher Joana Latka.


He exposed his paintings in several collective and individual exhibitions around Portugal since eighties.


He is also represented in art publications including books edited by Ernesto Neves of First Gallery in Lisbon or by the editor Fernando Infante do Carmo or the art critic and antiquary lover Jean Pierre Blanchon.


Torres has international representation of is works in several countries like, United Kindom, Canada, United States, Switzerland, France,Deutcheland and Spain.


I am painting since eighties and i like very much the New York School and also the matheric artists and action painters.


My works are figurative and abstract ones.I´m a self taught artist whose paintings stile is a free gestual impulse.


The painters i prefer are for instance: Franz Kline, Manolo Valdez, Alberto Burri, Jean Miotte,Jean Paul Riopelle,Pierre Soulages, Lita cabellut, Kenneth Loines, Banksy, and the scratching walls artists like the portugueese whils.


Record for the portugueese broadcasting RTP MEMÓRIA, named “Á Conversa" with Helena Ramos.  The 25 of  February of 2014.


'Icones universais' - 2014 Técnica mixed media on canvas 60X80cm

'Icones universais' 2014 - Técnica mixed media on canvas 60X80cm

'Icones universais' 2014 Técnica mixed media on canvas 60X80cm

'Icones universais' - 2014 Técnica mixed media on canvas 60X80cm

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